Why does everyone say algebra 2 is such a hard class?

Why does everyone say algebra 2 is such a hard class?
I was terrible in geometry last year. Most people say geometry is easier than algebra two, but i was hoping that algebra 2 would be easier for me. Everyone, even the really smart kids say algebra 2 is really hard and i was looking for it to be easier than geometry. I dont want to get scared. Why exactly is it that everyone says its so hard? What are some good ideas/habits/ways i can study so i can do better in this math class?

Suggestion by Michael
In my opinion it isn’t hard because I like Algebra I. If your good in Algebra I then you’ll love that class. Also if you like the teacher that’s even better.

Suggestion by KANDI
i took geometry last year and am taking algebra 2 this year… many ppl say its hard because theyre not good at math or they try to psych you out and when you get there its just the fear of difficulty thats got you…

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These tests would be more beneficial to my algebra 2 honors class. What is capitalized?
I know I have to capitalize Algebra 2, but what about honors?

Suggestion by James
Grammatically, you are correct. “Algebra 2″ must be capitalized. However, “honors” is not capitalized, since it is an adjective.

“Honors” would only be capitalized if it is part of the official class name. For example “Honors Algebra 2.”

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