Where can i find Free Worksheets for kids with Dyslexia?

Where can i find Free Worksheets for kids with Dyslexia?
My sister has dislexia shes 12 Yrs Old and i would like to know where i can find free printable worksheets for math and reading. Any Help Would be appreciated.

Thank You.

Suggestion by MrsB
Loads of things here: http://www.firstschoolyears.com/sen/learning/dyslexia.htm

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Are there any good printable (free) maths sheets for high school students? (Australian curriculum).
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Suggestion by Olivia
If you’re in the IB Diploma Program, search for past IB Maths SL and HL tests (calculus and Algebra). They usually give answers and the questions.
I am an american student and I actually have an australian textbook (Mathematics for the International Student SL)
You can probably find PDF’s for that book or Maths Middle year books. If you give me your email I can send you a PDF or my Maths Sl book.

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